Getting a Job

Getting a Job in the Field You Want to Work In

Finding a job is one thing. Finding a job that you really want is another entirely. Many people will work in jobs that aren’t right for them for many years before finally taking the plunge and deciding what they really want to do. Here are some ideas so that you don’t fall into that trap:

  • Don’t be afraid. If you don’t like a particular field, have the confidence to leave and do something else. Many people are hindered by fear, so don’t let this happen to you.
  • Talk to friends in other industries. If their job sounds interesting, find out what you have to do to find something similar.
  • Study. The more qualifications you have, the more options you will have. Even if you work in a totally different field to your degree subject, employers will still value the qualification.
  • Talk to recruiters and career advisers. They will be able to give you suggestions and find different jobs that really could work for you.
  • Get experience. Whilst you’re studying, work in an office or do some work experience. Everyone values real life skills as well as an education.