Career Development

How to Ask for a Payrise

It is always a difficult conversation to have with your boss when you want to ask for a payrise. However, it doesn’t need to be awkward and there are lots of tips you can follow to help make the conversation easier, and to give you a better chance of success as well.

  • Be matter of fact. Whilst it doesn’t help to be deemed demanding or ungrateful, it does help to be straight talking. Explain clearly what you want.
  • Tell them why you deserve it. Go into your meeting armed with evidence, so you can show the value that you bring to the company through your role.
  • Know the industry averages. If your wage falls below the industry averages for people with your level of experience, you will have a more compelling reason to ask for a payrise. Make it clear what you are worth, and that you aren’t being paid the same as your peers in other companies.