Questions to Ask in an Interview

The moment always comes during an interview when the interviewer asks: ‘do you have any questions?’ If you don’t have anything at all lined up, it can be incredibly awkward. Even if you’ve been asking questions throughout, it’s always good to have some stored up ready for when this moment arrives. Here are some idea of questions which you might like to ask, which will make you look interested, engaged and enthusiastic about the role:

  1. What do you enjoy about working at the company? How did you get the role in the first place? Asking about the interviewer’s own background will give you valuable insight into the kinds of people who work for the company.
  2. Why did this position become available? This shows that you’re interested in company structure and how roles change and develop.
  3. How is success measured in this role? If you are offered the position, you will have a head-start by knowing how your progress is being monitored.
  4. Does the company plan to keep growing? Showing an interest in the company itself and its successes indicates that you’re interested and engaged.
  5. Is there natural progression following on from this role? If you’re already thinking about how your career with the company could map out, this displays clear enthusiasm.
  6. What’s the culture of the business like? A question like this gives you the opportunity to find out about working environments and how you might fit in. You may also find out about any additional perks!