Securing Yourself a Promotion

Getting a new job will give you a great sense of achievement. However, in order to maintain this feeling, you need to keep progressing within the role and the company. This will usually come in the form of gaining a promotion. Here are some tips:

  1. Be honest about what you want. If the people in charge don’t know that you want to progress, they might assume that you’re content with your role as it is.
  2. Look for opportunities to shine. Always think about how you could improve processes, within your own role and within the company as a whole. Don’t moan about things that you want to change – change them. And make sure that the right people see you doing so.
  3. Keep a list of what your job role was when you started. Compare it to a list of what you’re doing now to emphasise how it has changed. This will be proof that you are doing more than is required of you and that you’ve used your initiative to take on more tasks.
  4. Don’t undersell yourself. Inevitably, you will begin to take on more tasks over time as you get to know the role and the company. Whilst this is a natural progression, remember that you are adding more value. Don’t be shy to tell people about how you’ve developed the role.
  5. Build positive workplace relationships. Talk to people who are going to be helpful to your career progression and take on board everything that they say. Always be friendly and polite to people in managerial positions.