Should You Enrol on a Degree Programme?

Far more people are deciding to enrol on a degree programme nowadays. It’s highly encouraged by schools and parents, and is often seen as being the best step that you can take after completing your GCSEs and A-Levels. Is it the best choice for you in terms of your career?

The main thing you’ll need to weigh up is the cost of the programme against the benefits which you will get out of it. University isn’t cheap – even if you take a course which is funded or subsidised, you need to find the money for your living costs and accommodation. You may choose to work and take a degree part time, or study full time and take out a loan.

Will the experience which you come out with make the costs worthwhile? This depends on what you want to study. If you have a particular career path in mind and you need a degree for it, then your qualifications are essential. If a degree isn’t necessarily required, do some research into the best ways into your chosen career. It might be that a degree will give you an edge over other candidates, or it might be wasting years of your time when you could be gaining valuable experience.

Many people enter into degree courses without a particular career path in mind. If you’re not sure what kind of job you want in future, a degree can be a good decision. It will teach you self discipline, time management and general life skills which employers will value. Make sure you study something which you enjoy so that you’ll stay motivated, and there will be plenty of transferable skills which you can take away from the course.