Talking to your Boss About Career Progression

Many jobs will advertise themselves as offering ‘great career progression’. However, this is an attractive buzzword for many people who are looking for a new job, and often the reality might be that career progression is minimal, if in existence at all. If this is the case, you should address this as soon as you can with your employer so that you can decide on your best option going forward.

If you start a new job, it might be worth keeping a copy of the job description. This will give you something to reference when discussing your position in future. It’s a useful document to have to hand.

Think about ways you could move forward before talking to your employer. They might be more open to change if you go into the meeting with your own suggestions and ideas. It will make you look proactive and interested in the company. If, after this, there really are no options for pay rises or extra responsibilities, it may be time to move on.