Tips on Getting a Raise

Depending upon where you work and what you do, you may automatically be in line for a wage increase, but this isn’t always the case. Many jobs in the private sector, particularly low skilled jobs, will require any increase in wage to be done in line with improvements in skills and increases in responsibilities.

To get a raise in such a situation can be a difficult task which is highly dependent upon your rapport with your employers. This relates to your first step; improving your relationship with your employer. This can often be done by going that extra step to make yourself useful to them, but you also need to remember a bunch of other important factors which can influence your relationship with your superiors, like personal presentation.

As your wage is based upon the demand for people working in the profession – the principles of supply and demand – and your personal merits, the best way for you to increase you pay package is by enhancing your skills; both skills which are directly and indirectly related to your profession, and your understanding of the kind of work you’re doing.

If you take the example of a someone working in a sales department, one way they could improve their skills is by signing up for courses which can help them learn new skills and improve their existing skills, at the very least it will leave the appearance that they are actively trying to increase their value as an employee, which is always a good thing.

It is also worth bearing in mind that pro-actively looking to develop your career by yourself will often be admired more by employers and potential employers than somebody who receives, or waits to receive, in job training. This is because it shows a “go-getter” attitude which is often a greatly prized trait among businesses.

If you continue with the example of someone working in a sales department, while focussing on learning skills which are strictly related to their current role in the company can help them improve the results they deliver, learning skills which could result in a promotion or an expansion of their skills is also very important. Things like learning a second language or taking a course in leadership, team management and project management could be just what is needed to reach the next stage in their career.


While it is good to follow these strategies to increase your wage, there are situations in which it won’t be enough, such as if there is only a limited need for your skills. If you’ve only been hired for a single purpose to fill a limited role and little to no career development opportunities have been provided to you, it may be best to learn what you can from your time there and then move onto somewhere else with greater opportunities.